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About Yarny Den

What We Do

Here at Yarny Den, we take care of creatures made of yarn until their soul companions adopt them into their lives! Until then, we make sure they are comfortable, well-groomed and happy. We believe the creatures' happiness comes first so we are constantly making improvements to the den to ensure that; bigger resting spaces, trips around the country, and so on!

How it started

It all started with a bear called Rhapso, she was stuck in retirement with little to do. Then one day she discovered the sacred art of crochet; the magic to creating lifeforms. She spent days trying to make a yarn whale, and although it wasn't perfect, the little creature jumped with joy, and in that moment Rhapso knew she must take care of it. Now Rhapso continues to make yarny creatures, in hopes of them finding the right person that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

Lovable round felines

Cuddly cats that will snuggle up with you or nap with you on a warm sunny day! They love to take long walks on rainbows and nap all day in the fluffy clouds, these yarny friends will make sure you have plenty of rest and tons of good dreams!

Happy Froggies

Energetic and extroverted, these froggies will bounce around the world with you! They love to swim around in ponds and challenging others to see who can catch the most flies. Taking a froggie with you will ensure that your adventures and journey is always fun and epic!

Marshmellow Sheepies

Fluffy and squeezable sheeps that will always be there to listen to you! They love to chat and play the bagpipes (suprisingly good at it). If you ever need to talk to someone, these fluffy friends will always lend an ear (and also play the bagpipes to make you happy)!

Big Ted

Wise and fatherly figure you can always get advice from! They love to build sandcastles with friends or have a huge barbeque with everyone. Big Ted will always make sure you are happy and will try their best to help you in any way possible!

Rainbow Whales

Shy and gentle creatures you can always rely to take care of you! They love sending letters in the form of whistles, and seeing who could hold their breath the longest underwater. These whale friends will be there for you no matter where you are, even if it is an ocean away.

Tiny Ted

Young and joyful beings that will add colours to your life! They love fishing and making garlands for their friends. Tiny Ted will make the little things in life more enjoyable in your journey!

Your neighbour Totoro

Fluffy and mysterious creature that will help get you home! They love long naps and flying around the countryside. Totoro will help you fulfil your goals and dreams, while letting you enjoy the beauty of nature.

Round Bird

Motherly and caring birds that will make all the best foods for you! They love collecting random objects they find and baking sponge cakes. Bird friends will give you the best gifts you could ever ask for!

About the creator

Rhapso in the past worked in an office job, until she retired in 2020. Life was bleak and boring until she discovered the joys of crocheting and how the yarny creatures made others happy. She continued on the journey of creating cute creatures until Rhapso realised she didn't have a home for all of them, so she founded Yarny Den for yarny beings to live in and for others to find a friend to look out for each other.